April 27, 2016

Bicycles for a good start

Hawar Group supports aid project in Germany

Making contacts and exploring a new environment: To help refugee children arriving in their new home country, the Heinrich Heine High School (HHG) in Dortmund founded an association “HHG helps” in early March. The Hawar Group has supported the initiative with a donation of 4500 euros for the purchase of 11 bicycles, which were presented on Wednesday, April 27.

With radiant smiles, the pupils of International Class 5f at the Heinrich Heine High School in Dortmund were presented with the bikes by cycle dealer Volker Anderl from Castrop-Rauxel. The class, led by Monika Schwarz and Stefanie Hugot, now want to use them every Wednesday afternoon to explore the immediate surroundings. In that way, exercise and fun are combined with getting to know the new environment. Stefanie Hugot, Deputy Chairwoman of the association, adds: “The excursions also involve learning the rules of the road, and so the young people can learn how to cycle safely in traffic and at the same time improve their command of German.”

Together with the bicycle campaign, the association also organizes German courses, sponsorships and welcoming parties to give the new arrivals an easier start in their new home in Dortmund.

Supporting the campaign in Germany is a matter of course for Emad Al-Darwish, owner of the Hawar Group: “We have a lot of business contacts in Germany, and are pleased to be able to provide support in the social environment to the dedicated people and their initiative at the school in Dortmund,” Al-Darwish explains. “There are so many helping hands there doing something good for the community. I am greatly impressed.”

June 9, 2015

Students active against racism

STEAG Power Minerals and Qatari business partner support school project in Lünen-Brambauer

Lünen. Dinslaken. Take a conscious stand against any form of discrimination, bullying or violence, and actively shape the way people act together at school: by committing to the goals of a “School without Racism – School with Courage” the Realschule Brambauer secondary school has now become part of a nationwide network – with the support of STEAG Power Minerals and a Qatari business partner.

Far more than 99 colorful balloons rose into the sky from the schoolyard of Realschule Brambauer last Wednesday when principal Michael Schulten received the certificate and seal “School without Racism - School with Courage”. Impressed, Schulten said: “At the beginning I didn’t think we would manage to get the necessary signatures together in such a short time and organize such great project days. You make me very proud to be your principal.”

The project is supported by STEAG Power Minerals and the Hawar Group in Doha, Qatar, a longstanding business partner of the company. Andreas Hugot, managing director and spokesman of STEAG Power Minerals GmbH, assumed the sponsorship for the project. “We fully support the idea behind the School without Racism - School with Courage network,” Hugot explains. The company operates an abrasives factory in the town of Lünen and has built up an international network over the past decades. “We and our Qatari partner, too, feel it is especially important for young people to embrace this topic early on, and we hope that with our international experience we can provide encouragement and assistance.”

The students of the Brambauer school have roots in more than twenty nations. Almost half of them are of Muslim origin. In many creative projects, together they demonstrated how important the topic is to them. In addition to a joint film project, a sponsored run for the children of refugees, with painted T-shirts on which values such as respect, tolerance or support were written in different languages, plus the development of a joint international cookbook, there were many other projects, which the students realized in just two days – that was all the time they had to prepare. More project days are expected to follow. Assistance in organizing them will be available from the regional project coordinators and the sponsors from Lünen and Qatar.

About the Project

“School without Racism - School with Courage” is a project by and for students. It offers children and youths the opportunity to actively influence the climate that prevails at their schools by taking a conscious stand against every form of discrimination, bullying or violence. It is the biggest school network in Germany – more than 1,700 schools attended by around a million students belong to it (as of May 2015). Any school meeting the following minimum requirements can acquire the title: at least 70 percent of all the persons learning and working at the school (students, teachers and technical staff) commit themselves with their signatures to actively oppose any form of discrimination at their school in future, to intervene in conflicts and to hold regular project days dealing with the topic.

The title is not a prize or an award for work well done, but constitutes a self-commitment for the present and for the future. A school carrying this title is part of a network that says: we assume responsibility for the climate at our school and our environment.
Each Courage school must have at least one sponsor who the students themselves choose. Frequently these sponsors are persons from the fields of the arts, politics, media or sports. By publicly championing the cause, the sponsors promote the involvement of the students not only on title presentation day, but for the long term. Further information is available online: